AndroGel 1.62%

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Common themes represented here:

Normalize abuse/neglect.  Take a dangerous (and largely unnecessary) pharmaceutical and then almost certainly expose women and children to it, even though the drug is not indicated for women or children and in fact is known to cause dangerous side effects for them.  Take exposed women and children to a doctor when the signs of exposure can no longer be denied, e.g. signs of early puberty in a child.  Signs of early puberty in a child.  SIGNS OF EARLY PUBERTY IN A CHILD.  See also Male entitlement.  Men are entitled to place others in harm’s way, especially if it benefits the man (but also just for funzies, that’s ok too).  If it’s beneficial to a man, it survives a cost-benefit analysis no matter what the cost to women and children.  See also Joke’s on women.  How’s that new beard and acne going?  Har.  See also Support patriarchal institutions (medicine/religion/law).  Pathologize “low testosterone” in men as if it’s a disease state, and put billions into the coffers of medical providers, medical research and Big Pharma.  Then, when the male patient (or his wife and kids!) experiences one of the known negative outcomes, (also known as “possible side effects”) dood gets a lawyer and assuming he wins, puts the lawyer’s kids through college with exorbitant legal fees.  Unfortunately however, as a patient and consumer of dangerous pharmaceuticals, what he will never get is his (wife and kids’) lives and health back.  Win?

Reversal.  Accidentally-on-purpose expose the people you allegedly love to dangerous pharmaceuticals that carry serious side-effects known negative outcomes.  Frame/present these exposures similarly to the way common side-effects of medications are framed/presented, when in reality it’s not an issue of a side-effect at all, but of men deliberately polluting their living and working environments and purposely placing other people (not yourself, as in the case of a true side-effect) in harm’s way.  Also, are we very sure that “low testosterone” in men is a bad thing?  Bad how/says who?

More (official) AndroGel information here.

*Comments open due to extreme egregiousness of this product and the propagandizing effect of the ad campaign, especially “normalize abuse/neglect.”  And especially “reversal” too.  FFS.

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One response to “AndroGel 1.62%”

  1. FCM says :

    and especially jokes on women! omg.

    yes, take your wife to the doctor once she starts to sport more chest hair than you, you testosteroneless eunuch…