Men at Work

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Common themes represented here:

Joke’s on women.  “They know I can see them, right?”  “Yeah, they don’t care.”  Har.  Also, hey straight ladies — these disgusting, entitled men are your only options if you want to have sex, get married, or have babies.  And these are the “Good Ones” TM compared to all the other males out there!  Isn’t that funny?

Male entitlement.  Fashionable clothes, good jobs, leisure time, satisfying relationships, and sexual access to women.  Check, check, check, check, and check.

Male bonding over misogyny.  “That color doesn’t exist in nature.”  Feelings of revulsion for and superiority over a woman who is attempting to adhere to fuckability mandates but got something wrong, as women are wont to do since fuckability mandates are often contradictory and impossible to fulfill.  Also, if her beauty product didn’t work right, whose fault is that really?  She didn’t design, manufacture and distribute the product — she just shelled out her hard earned cash and believed what it said on the tin, which is often (men’s) lies.

PIV-centric narrativeRape and rape culture.  Drugs and alcohol.

Reversal.  From the YouTube description:

Men at Work is a brazen new original comedy about four hip, young professionals set to take on New York and live life “Full Steam” – ahead just like the name of the magazine that they work for. They follow the “boys will be boys” mantra of single, 30-somethings navigating work, friendship, and women.

Brazen, new and original?  Or shameful, ancient and banal?  You decide.

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