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Common themes represented here:

Primacy of the nuclear family.  Mom, dad and the kids all go out for a nice breakfast.  Inconsiderate, entitled boy-child “big-yawns,” likely spraying morning-breath all over the table.  His cuteness is obviously expected to make up for it; perhaps being without children — or boy-children — myself, or for other reasons entirely, his cuteness has no effect on me.  I find the whole thing a little gross, and unappetizing.  See also Male entitlement.

Interestingly, a couple of weeks after I first started seeing this commercial, another IHOP commercial began playing and that one does not appear to be available on YouTube.  The second commercial was announcing (putting the public on notice by publishing?) the fact that IHOP omelets have a “splash” of pancake batter in them.  Being allergic to wheat — and therefore to most “batters” — myself, I immediately suspected that someone had been poisoned at an IHOP and this was a legal maneuver meant to satisfy IHOP’s responsibility to disclose known food allergens to its customers so that those customers can keep themselves — and their children — safe.  In this case, the presence of wheat in a customarily wheat-free food product which would be unexpected and out of the ordinary, and therefore unreasonably likely to be ingested by someone who was allergic to it.  Is that what happened?  Did someone — or some kid — unknowingly ingest wheat at an IHOP?  If so, what was the outcome?  And does it have anything to do with the almost-simultaneously appearing family-friendly commercial above?  Inquiring minds want to know.  At any rate, I smell a lawyer.  See also Support patriarchal institutions (medicine/religion/law).