Mike’s Hard Lemonade

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Common themes represented here:

Necrophilia.  Men are absolutely obsessed with death and defiling corpses — frequently, they think this is funny.  Har.

PIV-centric narrativeRape and rape culture.  As long as we continue to frame “sex” versus “rape” in terms of consent, drugs and alcohol — which remove legal capacity to consent — will be evocative of rape.

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4 responses to “Mike’s Hard Lemonade”

  1. luckynkl says :

    Here’s another commercial in which men find death and defiling corpses amusing:

    It’s hard to miss the implications. Men refer to dogs as their best friend while they liken women to cats. In this spot, the dude and the dog conspire over the murder of the cat while a woman’s voice in the background says, “Honey, have you seen the cat?”

    It’s anthropomorphism at its finest. Where men project their traits into animals. They can’t come right out and say they’d like to kill women and cats (cats being symbolic of women), so they project this fantasy into animals and blame the dog. But like I said, it’s hard to miss what is being implied here. Especially since it was first aired during the Super Bowl, which approx. 11 million men watch. American football, like most of men’s sports, is a simulation of war. So cleverly concealed in the commercial is men’s continued war on women – as well as on all that they view as feminine or female. Like cats.

  2. FCM says :

    thanks for that lucky! necrophilia; femicide; male bonding over misogyny. check. all very relevant to war, and simulations of war, as you say. disgusting.

  3. cherryblossomlife says :

    Not a coincidence that “witches” are depicted as having cats as familiars. I think men hate cats because they cannot be trained into obedience. Ditto Women. That’s why dogs are a man’s best friend.

  4. Yisheng Qingwa says :

    cherryblossomlife, have I told you I love you yet, or recently? Because, I do. And, YES. My cats cannot be trained into obedience. A man I live with once threatened to take mine to the pound as a way of terrorizing me. I cannot even watch these commercials, but I flagged them on YouTube (for what that’s worth).