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Women’s culture/positive images.  Aaahhhhh.  :)   There are some places left that are not made in men’s image by men, and do not reflect male values and misogyny.

These photographs are by a woman named Rezzan.  From her deviantart page:

My Dear friends,
I m so greatfull for ur interest. I saved many flowers for my looks many of you need to cheer up. Many friends sent yellow flowers as their best:))
I would like to share them here with other friends. I hope some friends will plant somethings too and we will see their photos soon:))
İt is really good to interest with soil and plant somethings. it can be a flower or a vegetable…to see first leaf, to talk with sapling ( trust me it works cos they need carbondioxide day time) to see thier firts blossom…it is like to see as a child first tooth, firts steps or firts talk. İt can make u even so happy to get attention with their photos=D
it is more cheap than a psychiatrist, isnt it?
I already planted many things in pots.Hopily my son will give them some water while I m away for my holiday cos my balcony as warm as the hell!

Radfem-ological Images previously featured Rezzan’s work here.

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  1. FCM says :

    these are some of the most beautiful photographs i have ever seen.