State Farm

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Common themes represented here:

Joke’s on women.  Historically and today, married women live in a state of constant stress, anxiety and fear of their husbands’ betrayal, because women know how vulnerable we are once we have dedicated our time, energy and resources towards supporting a man and his household, instead of bettering ourselves or increasing our own earning potential instead of his.  Isn’t women’s emotional pain and knowledge of their own subjugated social and interpersonal status funny?  Har.  See also Fetishize female vulnerability.

Male bonding over misogyny.  The husband and the male agent know “the truth” while the woman is flailing about, making a fool of herself.  Aren’t women ridiculous?  Take my wife, please.

Mansplaining/women’s perspective is wrong.  Women frequently misunderstand or misinterpret reality.  Women’s responses are not appropriate or responsive to the situation (as determined from a male-centric, pro-male perspective).  E.g. Women’s extreme response — in the face of extreme, devastating consequences — is unreasonable (even thought it is perfectly reasonable); women’s suspicion of male infidelity is unwarranted (even where it is both specifically and generally warranted, due to male entitlement, and men’s known use of women as useful objects which they discard and replace as needed).  See also Male entitlement; Woman as “useful object”.

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3 responses to “State Farm”

  1. Mary Sunshine says :

    Unbelievable!!! how do they figure that sells the State Farm brand? A

  2. Mary Sunshine says :

    oops … A woman doesn’t have to be a radical feminist to HATE that ad, and want to have nothing to do with State Farm.

  3. Cheryl says :

    This stands out for me:

    “She sounds hideous.”
    “Well, she’s a guy, so…” *little smirk/shrug*

    Permission for males to be excused from all but basic grooming? Check.