Tequila Avion

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Common themes represented here:

Normalize abuse/neglect.  BDSM.  ‘Nuff said.  See also Reversal.  Pain is pleasure, bad is good, up is down, black is white.

Normalize porn/prostitution.  Role playing where the wife is playing the part of a high-priced “escort”.  Sexxxay!

PIV-centric narrativeRape and rape culture.  As long as we continue to frame “sex” versus “rape” as an issue of consent, drugs and alcohol — which remove legal capacity to consent — will be evocative of rape.  This especially applies to depictions of boozy sex, where sex and drugs and alcohol are explicitly combined.

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One response to “Tequila Avion”

  1. Wei Xin says :

    This probably doesn’t qualify as feminist analysis, but that ad is really tacky. So cringey!