French AIDS Awareness: Scorpion

French AIDS awareness poster. Click on image to visit Ads of the World.

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Common themes represented here:

Reversal.  If this ad is implying that it’s primarily women giving men HIV/AIDS, rather than the other way around — and that men get HIV/AIDS primarily from heterosexual contact — it’s a complete reversal of reality, which shows the opposite.  In the United States, the greatest infection rates are from man-to-man, and then from man-to-woman via heterosexual contact (where he was likely originally infected by a man himself), then from woman-to-man via heterosexual contact (where she was almost certainly infected by a man originally).  In sub-Saharan Africa, the WHO reports that it is women who comprise some 60% of persons living with AIDS, almost all of them having become infected by men through prostitution, mandatory PIV and rape, where the disease was transmitted to the women by HIV/AIDS-infected males.

As a general matter, boys and men are spreading AIDS, not women.  Women are being infected by men and are then infecting others, but thanks to survivalist prostitution, mandatory PIV and rape, it’s not as if many women have much of a choice.  Men as a class demanding penetrative sex from each other and from women — and the frequency of individual men demanding penis-centered sex and intercourse from both male and female partners, whether these individual men identify as gay, bi-sexual or straight — is the problem, but actually saying that would be naming males as the agent of harm and “problematizing” male behavior instead of normalizing it; therefore, it is both unthinkable and unspeakable.  Instead, harm-reduction techniques are generally preferred, such as “safe sex” campaigns that never adequately identify or address male culpability, and the problems for women of penis-centered sex (although recently, some sources are addressing the problems of “gender inequality,” “masculinity” and obvious abuses such as domestic violence and rape and their role in AIDS transmission by men to women).  The thought-termination and chilled speech on this subject is, of course, deliberate.  See also Femicide; Harm reduction/refusal to name the agent; Male entitlement; Normalize abuse/neglect; Woman as “useful object”.

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5 responses to “French AIDS Awareness: Scorpion”

  1. luckynkl says :

    Do you know that there isn’t a single case on record of a lesbian sexually transmitting the AIDs virus to another lesbian? So you are 100% correct. It is men who are sexually spreading the AIDs virus, not women. Men are in fact walking viruses. But men’s desire to get laid takes precedent over women’s safety and health. That’s what it all boils down to.

  2. FCM says :

    The info for the US indicates that some women are getting infected through iv drug use, but other than that, its men infecting them through penis centered sex. The smart money is on males infecting females through iv drug use too, but its not broken down that way for women. Interestingly, there is a category for males infecting each other through “homosexual contact and iv drug use” but no such “sex plus drugs” category for women.

  3. luckynkl says :

    Just think what this means for the lesbian community as trans invade it with their HIV/disease laden penises, pressuring lesbians for PIV and claiming it’s transphobic if lesbians don’t submit to their predatory demands.

  4. Hecuba says :

    Men have always claimed that women are the ones sexually infecting men. Prostituted women were and still are blamed and held accountable for supposedly infecting ‘innocent men’ when in fact it is the Johns who are the ones transmitting STDS and HIV/Aids to prostituted women. Male sexuality must never be critiqued for challenged because men will combust if their pseudo male right to penetrate women and other males is challenged. Lucky is correct much to male supremacist chagrin there has been no reported case of any lesbian sexually infecting another lesbian with HIV/Aids. I wonder why? Answer is because no penis is involved – hence no risk of STDs or HIV/Aids.

  5. Yisheng Qingwa says :

    I registered just to give this ad a bad rating, and I quoted this post- as well as my own words- as to why the ad places the blame YET AGAIN on women. Did you see the other one, of a spider giving a woman oral sex? What are the chances of catching a disease from that? :/