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Scott Stantis

-- image by Scott Stantis, Tribune Media Services

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Critique of Sociological Images post ‘The Hunger Games, Hollywood, & Fighting Fuck Toys’

Today, Dr. Caroline Heldman writes for Sociological Images that Hollywood execs are missing out on revenues because Hollywood continues to depict female action heroes as “Fighting Fuck Toys” (FFT) which are not believable or compelling protagonists.  She notes that the recent blockbuster “The Hunger Games” has been a box office success, despite its heroine being a “believable, reluctant hero” who “isn’t objectified once.”  Heldman, who is a regular political commentator for Fox News, Fox Business News, RT America, and Al Jazeera English, seems genuinely confused as to why Hollywood so routinely spits out box office flops like ElektraCatwoman, and Sucker Punch portraying hypersexualized female protagonists when the FFT action heroine-genre doesn’t seem to be particularly lucrative.

Could it be that money really isn’t the point?  And, are we completely sure that the female protagonist in “The Hunger Games” is not objectified?

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