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Common themes represented here:

Male entitlement.  According to mainstream news outlets, (all of them) Charlie Sheen buys prostituted women and abuses them.  And yet, he still has his freedom and is entitled to work, and to earn not just a living but to amass extreme wealth, with which he is known to abuse women.  This man should not be allowed to have any disposable income at all, considering what he is known to do with it.  But no one that matters cares about what men do with their disposable income; all men — including serial abusers of women and of prostituted women — are entitled to literally whatever they are able to earn, and the value of these men’s work is determined by a misogynistic capitalist patriarchy, which depends and thrives on women’s sexual, reproductive and domestic labor.  In the case of Charlie Sheen, he is apparently worth quite a lot — to the patriarchal propaganda machine that continues to pay him extravagant wages for his (mediocre?) performances in both advertising and television programs.

Normalize porn/prostitution.  What is the effect of constantly being exposed to images of Charlie Sheen in the popular press?  The pervasiveness of the images of a known criminal and serial abuser of women doing “normal” things, and presenting him for public consumption as if he is not pure (misogynistic) poison and harmful to humans (all women as a sexual class) normalizes his history and his behavior, including his sexual use and abuse of his wife, and of prostituted women and women in pornography.  Patriarchy loves that, it’s its favorite.  See also Normalize abuse/neglect.

Reversal.  House arrest?  Really?  Even Charlie fucking Sheen knows that’s a reversal, or at least that it’s a reversal in his case.  Also, if anyone dares, watch this very revealing interview with Sheen, where he takes the victim stance, when he’s actually the perpetrator, like, all the time — a known criminal and criminal abuser of women who does not hesitate to invoke the misogynist, patriarchal legal system as soon as he thinks he’s been wronged, by other men.  And where he says that he loves, violently.  And numerous other reversals.  This man is terrifying, he really is.  Patriarchy loves that, too.

See also Joke’s on women.  Because all this misogyny, injustice, and failure to protect women and punish men who harm women is very, very funny.  Har.


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