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Common themes represented here:

Male entitlement.  Ah, to be the male heirs of a wealthy patriarchal family.  The world is their oyster, and they know it.  They are being groomed for it, and they are practicing for it.  The same thing happens for all boys under patriarchy, of course.  The entire world is their wealthy patriarchal family, and they are the heirs to all its riches, including patriarchal individual, interpersonal, and institutional power. They know it, and they are groomed for it, and they practice for it.  And they are more than ready, when the time comes.  For those who aren’t able to make it all the way to the top to take full possession of their birth-right, there are male-centric social justice movements to fight for their rights — to be treated as privileged, wealthy white men are treated.  It’s a real right!  Yes it is, shut up.

These rights, of course, include the right to unfettered sexual access to women, and even the lowliest beta-male will fight tooth and nail for this one.  Sound familiar?  It should.  It’s the Cotton Ceiling, in a nutshell.


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