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Common themes represented here:

PIV-centric narrative Normalize exaggerated/simulated female pleasure.  Being an actress in a commercial, by definition, she’s faking it.  How many thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of images of women faking pleasure from various things are any of us exposed to in a year, a decade, or a lifetime?  It’s entirely possible that many of us don’t know what authentic female pleasure looks, sounds or even feels like.  And even if we have seen or experienced authentic female pleasure before, if we wanted images of authentic pleasure to outnumber the images of women faking it, turning off the television permanently (and living in the woods, far away from any patriarchal media) would seem to be a requirement.  Oh, and living there with some actual women, and having pleasurable things to do together.  Like reading, cooking, and laying in hammocks, for example.  Aahhh.


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