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Common themes represented here:

Handmaidens of the patriarchy.  The “global artistic director” for Revlon is a woman.  She believes that women’s lips should be both “juicy” (ew) and “desirable”.  Mkay!  Making it easier (possible) to talk and eat doesn’t make the list of what women’s lips are good for: in general, women’s bodies and “parts” are not biological, utilitarian and necessary for the human functioning of the woman, they are objects to be used and consumed by a looker/suitor, or to be used in (re)production.  This is standard for the industry — and for patriarchy — of course, not just for Revlon.  Juicy lips!  Ew.  And airbrushed faces, as if we are literally mannequins or other objects to be painted, and then used to display designers’ wares — aka. fashion.  See also Woman as “useful object”.

Necrophilia.  If her mood and everything about her were any “lighter” she wouldn’t exist at all.  So gross.  See also Femicide.

Pornify girl children/infantilize adult women.  Baby soft.  Playful.  Completely mindless.  Freakishly large, baby blue eyes and round, poreless face — due to the camera angle, photoshopping and editing.  In real life, she doesn’t really look like that, as you can see from the “behind the scenes” footage.  When she speaks — not in the commercial, that’s a nonspeaking part — she also sounds kind of smart and interesting, which does not come through in the commercials.  At all.  See also Reversal.

What’s wrong with being an adult female?  Or even better, a living, adult female?  This is not a rhetorical question:

Pornify girl children/infantilize adult women
In real life, and as mirrored in media images, very young girls are sexualized and mature women are made to resemble sexualized girls. No girl is too young to be penetrated by men; older women who are both sexually experienced and of full mental and legal capacity to consent to intercourse are relatively unappealing, and can be made more appealing if their apparent life-experience and capacity to consent are removed by making them look like children. Both presentations are evocative of the rape of female children by boys and men.

Why? Because…

Pornifying girl children/infantilizing adult women — and raping very young girls — supports male power. Raping girl children is a powerful grooming technique, whereby men condition young, inexperienced girls to accept penis-centered sex and penetration under all circumstances and regardless of context, and to expect physical pain from it, before they are old or experienced enough to know what is “sexual” (ie. sexually pleasurable) for them. And raped girl-children are known to grow up to be “promiscuous” adults, often running away from home only to be recruited into human trafficking and rape-slavery, and often working in prostitution and porn. A permanent class of previously abused women for whom sexual abuse and pain, including painful intercourse, has been normalized and is expected, benefits men, who can “purchase” economically coerced women on whom to practice abusive sex, and who benefit from women’s “promiscuous” unpaid male-centric sexuality.

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One response to “Revlon”

  1. DavinaSquirrel says :

    And the hobbling in the first ad (she carries those stoopid shoes in the second one). So apart from being an airbrushed, painted manequin, women are supposed to be restricted in their movements too.