Does this dick make my rights look bigger?

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Women’s culture/positive images.  Woman protesting the recent attacks on women’s reproductive rights.

Funnily enough, some trans politickers are calling her protest “cis-sexist” and deeming it an appropriation of trans because she is presenting herself as a “woman with a penis.”  Apparently, that proclamation is reserved for men who pretend to be women.

Oh wow, a woman with a penis! How novel and exotic! Not at all belittling to pre- and non-op trans woman. Not at all co-opting their very real and life-threatening struggle to make a crude, vague, and rather cissexist point. No, not at all.

Bahaha!  That, as they say, is rich.  Also,


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5 responses to “Does this dick make my rights look bigger?”

  1. LW says :

    Wow. I mean, wow. This is now getting utterly out of hand. It is quite unbelievable that anyone would see a jokey comment on the sexism inherent in much of politics and lawmaking as somehow against transsexual people. How narcissistic and out of touch with reality do you need to be to have this mindset!!

    This is not “co-opting” anyone’s struggle. It is saying that women (oh dear God must I specify?? Ok: women WITH vaginas and female reproductive organs generally – honestly, this is absurd!) are often treated less favourably than men (oh… I can’t believe this… Fine!! People with penises).

    These people must honestly live in an Internet bubble where every single thing in their lives comes back to gender or “trans” or “cis” pr whatever. They can’t comprehend that a woman displaying a picture of a penis to make a point may have NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. I suppose co-opting women’s reproductive rights protests for their transactivism is just fine isn’t it!! If we are only talking natural-born women after all. I mean, who cares about them!

    Meanwhile as a woman I just get on with the reality of being a woman!!

  2. michelle says :

    the transwhacktivists were likely just jealous that the ‘ladystick’ was bigger than theirs (that whole envy thing and all)…but yeah, generally they wouldn’t know HOW to recognize the fight reproductive rights to save their lives.