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Women’s culture/positive images.  Aaahhhhh.  🙂  There are some places left that are not made in men’s image by men, and do not reflect male values and misogyny.

These photographs are by a woman named Clara.  From her deviantart page:

Hello, thanks for visiting my Page. :)

About me: I’m a girl (18) from Germany and I love photography and photodesign. I still go to school, my biggest wish is to turn my greatest hobby into a profession.
Hope you like my pictures, would be great if you write some comments or something like that.
Byebye C.

Here’s another post showcasing Clara’s work.  Beautiful.


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2 responses to “c-drawlight.deviantart.com”

  1. FCM says :

    some nice galleries here


  2. rapideyemvmt says :

    wow! these photos are so serene. i can’t imagine these locations looking any more magical in person. thanks for sharing!