Pearle Vision

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Common themes represented here:

Normalize porn/prostitution.  Standard — albiet oldschool — porn trope, whereby various females who obviously do not want to be penetrated by men, obviously do want to be penetrated by men because xyz.

PIV-centric narrative — Rape and rape culture.  “The librarian does not want to be penetrated right now” would be the safest bet, but let’s go with the unsafe bet instead.  The unsafe bet being the assumption that all women do want to be penetrated all the time, also known as rape, or intercourse under dubious circumstances and where there is no explicit consent, no obvious consent negotiation and where the circumstances do not imply consent.

See also Mansplaining/women’s perspective is wrong.  This is what the world looks like through men’s eyes, and it is terrifying isn’t it?  We probably should listen to them when they tell us what they see, and when they walk around imagining women’s “consent” in all circumstances — and they obviously do — the safest thing to do would be to never be around men, ever, if you can help it at all.  Many times, of course, it cannot be helped.


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One response to “Pearle Vision”

  1. Julie says :

    Oh, goodness, this one. I’ve been somewhat-involuntarily flipping out every time I see it, and just waiting for it to show up here. I have glasses kind of like these, and one time this vague Facebook acquaintance commented on some picture of me wearing them with something like, “I like your glasses. Never change them.” UHHHHH, OKAY? I think this kid had a girlfriend at the time, I have a boyfriend, he claims to be a feminist (but periodically prods me about my anti-porn posts… you know how that goes), I *barely know him*, and then he just fucking leaves that there. THANKS FOR SHARING? Although glasses can be useful for moving a step further from conventional attractiveness, and perhaps for imbuing one with a teeny tiny little bit of authoritativeness that can help avoid a teeny tiny bit of harassment, they’re still always gonna be some guy’s fetish, and that guy’s gonna fucking tell you about it…

    I really need to unfriend that guy–I did it before, but he guilted me into adding him again (you’ll have to excuse me; my assertiveness is a work in progress). I’m, uh, sensing a pattern here. Thanks for the impetus!