Diet Pepsi

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PIV-centric narrative — Rape and rape culture.  This is what “consent” looks like under patriarchy, and parallels the issue of sexual consent.  Here, it’s easier to just give men what they want, and to let them use her body for their own purposes, than to confront them, or tell them what she really wants (which in this case is for them to get the fuck out of her way).  Confronting men and telling them what you really want from them (especially when it’s to leave you alone or get the fuck out of your way) is extremely dangerous, due to men’s propensity for violence.  Even if she said it nicely, she would be putting herself at extreme risk.  See also Male entitlement; Woman as “useful object”.


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One response to “Diet Pepsi”

  1. paleosister says :

    I would also add that it’s DIET pepsi they’re advertising here. Neither sugar soda nor diet is good for one; however, diet is especially dangerous because of the methanol in it. And females are more susceptible to methanol poisoning than are men.