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Common themes represented here:

Woman as “useful object”.  Women exist only to sexually service men; from men’s perspective, if there is no chance a particular woman will be a sexual partner for him, she literally does not exist.  See also FemicideNecrophilia.

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3 responses to “Axe”

  1. smash says :

    Horrifying commercial, and great analysis.

  2. witchwind says :

    very true. This is the basis of men’s genocidal society: women do not and MUST not exist outside sexually servicing men. And sexually servicing men also leads to death & being murdered. So women are treated as nothing either way.

  3. smash says :

    I saw a twilight zone episode recently that reminded me of this exact issue. A man is such a bright author that he creates female characters on his dictaphone to be his wife and mistress. The thing is, these women don’t realize they aren’t “real”- and, when he wants them to disappear, he simply throws the recorded description of them into the fire and they vanish.

    In our woman hating culture, women exist only to please men- and when their usefulness runs out, they might as well not exist.

    There are many instances of this trope.