Death Row: The Final 24 Hours

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Common themes represented here:

Necrophilia.  Death and all things related to death are presented and consumed as entertainment.  The inmates who are scheduled to be executed are murderers themselves.  Death, death and more death.

Reversal.  The concept of the “last meal” is a bizarre mindfuck, and a reversal: serving food — which is meant to sustain life — in the context of death, where the person eating will not be around to expend the energy that food provides.  And as if the knowledge of one’s impending death would be conducive to eating, rather than invoking the fight-or-flight response.  “Choosing” the menu for your last meal before you are involuntarily executed is presented as a choice.  An ex-con is the good guy.  Query: what was he sent to prison for?  Yes, it’s relevant.  (He was convicted for “sexual assault on an ex-wife.”  And that was apparently a plea-bargain, which means that what he actually did was probably a lot worse).  See also Normalize abuse/neglect.

Support patriarchal institutions (medicine/religion/law).  Law-related programs never suggest that patriarchal institutions — or men — are fundamentally flawed, even when we see them at their most heinous; if any kind of change is suggested, it is reform-based only.  Usually, we are just expected to swoon before legal institutions’ apparent necessity, if not their reasonableness.  Why are these things necessary again?  Oh yeah.  Men, committing sexual violence and murder.  Constantly.  And that cannot be controlled or stopped.  See also Harm reduction/refusal to name the agent.

Just, ew.


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