Scott Stantis

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Joke’s on women.  Humiliating your political opponents is funny, and it’s exceptionally humiliating to treat men as women are treated by men.  It’s not morally or politically wrong for any man to treat women as disposable objects used to help men achieve their own ends; it’s just ironic when the same thing happens to him later, and irony is super-funny.  Har.  Of course, what happened to Newt was nothing like what he did to his second wife, but it wouldn’t be funny if it actually were the same: it’s not funny to imagine that a man could ever be treated that poorly, no, that crosses a line.  If Newt were really “employed” for little to no pay, defrauded, exposed to potential biohazards, subjected to intercourse under false pretenses — also known as rape — and ultimately discarded by a powerful man who hated old white men with bad hair, that would be a more legitimate parallel to what powerful men are known to do to “political wives”, but of course that’s not what happened to this man.  It never, ever is.  See also Woman as “useful object”.


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