Mike Thompson

-- image by Mike Thompson, Tribune Media Services

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Joke’s on women.  Ann Romney can’t relate to most women because unlike them, Romney has managed to negotiate a reasonable price for her sexual, domestic and reproductive services.  Her high level of male-pleasing and patriarchal compliance has paid off, where almost all women are male-pleasing and patriarchy-compliant too but don’t manage to get anything or much of anything in return.  It’s completely arbitrary and not up to any woman whether her compliance will benefit her, or for how long, but regardless, the more your services are valued, the worse you look, and the less your services are valued, the worse you look.  Women literally cannot win, no matter what they do, but almost all of them try.  Now that’s funny.


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One response to “Mike Thompson”

  1. Cheryl says :

    Under the “so ‘natural’ it goes unnoticed and unremarked” category: Little Boy Blue is torturing his sister with his “snake.” Literally under the nose of clueless, self-obsessed Mother. It goes without saying that Dad is nowhere to be seen.

    I wonder if Mike sees this as supportive of “women’s issues.”