South Park Underpants Gnomes Profit Plan

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Common themes represented here:

Mansplaining/women’s perspective is wrong.  Often, mansplanations and proposed male-centric “solutions” to the problems men themselves create are exactly as cunning as this Underpants Gnome profit plan, but women are just supposed to uncritically accept men’s solutions and their illogical conclusions as reasonable and logical.  For example, the recent assertion by sex-robot advocates that designing and building “robotic sex workers” will alleviate all the harms to women of the global prostitution and human trafficking trade.


1.  Design and build female-human-looking robots for men to stick their dicks into;

2.  Further normalize and perpetuate the current working definitions of “sex” and “sexual” which appear to be “a man sticking his dick into any object under any circumstances” and “whatever sensations a man might experience while sticking his dick into any object under any circumstances” respectively;

3.  ??

4.  Helps women.

See also Male entitlement.  Men are entitled to unearned deference on every issue, and are presumed to be both truthful and acting in good faith, unless and until it is proven otherwise, and even then it’s a hard sell.  The suggestion that men are lying or acting in bad faith or strictly in furtherance of their own dubious interests is considered to be an outrageous or unlikely proposition that requires an extreme showing of proof.  The opposite presumption is afforded women who are always assumed to be lying, acting in bad faith or from a place of ignorance, or are believed to be acting strictly to further their own interests, even when they aren’t, or even when women’s self-interests are legitimate.

For more on the sex-robot advocates, see also here and here.


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