Met Life

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Common themes represented here:

Male entitlement.  Men are entitled to do literally whatever they want, without having to suffer any negative consequences at all, or only shouldering part of the risk while reaping all of the rewards, and shifting the negative consequences of their actions onto other people, namely women.  When men do not take care of their own health, or when they take extreme risks such as with extreme sports or dangerous occupations, they do so with the expectation that women will perform unpaid caretaking duties for them when they inevitably become injured or fall ill.  The expectation of women’s unpaid labor is a factor in men’s cost-benefit analyses: it substantially decreases men’s risk in every case.  The result is that men win, no matter what: men reap generous rewards from high-risk/high-reward transactions, but the lion’s share of that risk falls on women who do not get a say in any male-centric policy or practice which will invoke female caretaking duties, such as war, the medical standard of care, or work safety guidelines.

In this commercial, men are literally being bribed to take better care of themselves and are enticed to act out of character to that end, while the women are just doing what women normally do to try to stay healthy.  The man eating the salad and the man eschewing the vending machine are acting noticeably out of character in making these “healthy choices”, but the women performing yoga and wearing a seat belt are not.  Women understand the true risk associated with dangerous activities and failing to avoid foreseeable negative outcomes and behave accordingly, the best they can, because they are disproportionately the ones who shoulder that risk.


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    I can’t get this to play. I wonder if anyone else will have this problem?

  2. FCM says :

    i dont know mary. its playing for me. heres the url