Yaz/Yasmin/Ocella lawsuit

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Common themes represented here:

Harm reduction/refusal to name the agent.  Personal injury lawsuits and recovering money for damages incurred due to defective consumer products and dangerous drugs are harm reduction only.  Lawsuits after the fact — assuming you receive any payout at all — might help you pay off your medical expenses or pay your rent if you are so disabled you can’t work; but lawsuits will not heal permanent injury or psychological trauma (or death) and will never give you back what you had before, which is your health, your time, and your life.  It could also take years to see the money, and you could lose, or be unable to find a lawyer to take your case at all.

In any event, women who have been harmed by dangerous birth control drugs and medical devices — and they are all dangerous, some are just more dangerous than what is considered standard or has been deemed acceptable — are all expected to return to the patriarchal PIV-as-sex meatgrinder as soon as they are able, and to “choose” a birth control method that will (hopefully!) be less dangerous than the one that harmed them before, or (hopefully!) not visit its known side effects on her individually.  No woman is given the option to opt-out of the PIV-as-sex paradigm altogether, which is of course the source of all this female-specific suffering in the first place.

Support patriarchal institutions (medicine/religion/law).  Don’t stop having PIV and avoid reproductive harm altogether — NO!  Haves the PIV, utilize dangerous birth control products, and takes your chances — and spend a lot of time and money in doctors’ offices and filling prescriptions when you are as young and healthy as you are ever going to be.  Then, when a certain percentage of you are inevitably harmed by dangerous contraceptive drugs and medical devices, seek legal counsel and help the lawyers get giant fees so they can make their student loan (or yacht) payments and send their kids to patriarchal educational institutions — including law and medical school — on your dime, while you suffer permanent damage that no amount of money will ever heal.  Sound good?

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