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Common themes represented here:

Harm reduction/refusal to name the agent.  Would menopause be the same experience if women didn’t have to adhere to rigid, male-defined norms such as work schedules, unforgiving, sized clothing, or if they lived or slept alone?  What, besides the biological changes themselves, makes menopause the uncomfortable and even miserable experience it is for many women?

Normalize porn/prostitution.  Old-time striptease soundtrack.  Really?

PIV-centric narrative — Pathologize older women and menopause/fetishize female youth.  Menopause as a medical condition that can be alleviated through consumer spending.  Also, I have heard “hot flashes” referred to as “power surges.”  The latter clearly does not carry the same connotation as the former, and doesn’t sound like something that should be treated, but we never hear the issue framed in a way that doesn’t pathologize it, even when individual women may not view menopause as a negative thing, and may even experience it as a positive.  The negative/pathologized experience is normalized and the positive one isn’t, no matter how common or normal either may actually be.


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