Scum-o-rama (TRANSPHOBIA!)

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Women’s culture/positive images.  There seems to be a pattern here: where an image isn’t objectifying women on its face, and where the message conveyed is supportive of women’s interests rather than obviously deleterious to women’s interests, female-positive images are often crafted as a political response to male-supremacist political positions and to patriarchy itself. None of the images we have used here so far as an example of “Women’s culture/positive images” is a positive image in its own right: these images are necessary now, but would not be necessary and would not exist outside a patriarchal context where women are fighting for our very lives, and use various media to illustrate and advance our points.

Here, the graphic illustrates the feminist problem(s) presented by the so-called “Cotton Ceiling” issue, whereby male-to-female transgender persons feel that lesbian women’s non-attraction to them is open to deconstruction and debate.


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