Ford Mustang

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Common themes represented here:

Pornify girl children/infantilize adult women.  This comment on the You Tube video sums it up well:

Very well done ad…especially the little girl. She’s wearing pink, but the way ‘her’ Mustang blows through the pink paint-job, morphing to her own wishes, she herself is coming into her own, growing past her parent-dressed pink.  Love her imagination’s ‘black swan’ tutu… not to mention her wicked Cobra!

A very young girl “coming into her own” and “morphing into her own wishes” is exactly what men want to believe is happening when they rape very young girls, is it not?  I feel sick.  Of course, it’s not even an option that this girl child would not be fully patriarchy-compliant in one direction or the other — she can choose either ultra-femme pink or ultra-femme black, but she cannot reject both, or be neither.  Did I mention that she’s still a child?  I thought so.

See also PIV-centric narrative — Rape and rape culture.  Sexualizing underage girls; PIV-centric teen and tween (and younger!) sexuality.


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