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Common themes represented here:

Fetishize female vulnerability.  Restrictive and painful shoes that are dangerous and not functional make women vulnerable to accidents and to men’s whims, including male violence.  Women literally cannot walk — let alone run — away from a bad date or a sexual predator while wearing these torture devices, and this is intentional.  Contrast the women’s shoes to the men’s shoes: men’s shoes are designed for walking and being functional, while women’s shoes are designed for hobbling and for being looked at.  It’s art, but for your feet!  These shoes are literally made for dressing up mannequins, and that’s it.  When women wear them, we are the mannequins, displaying the designers’ wares.  See also  Woman as “useful object”.

Women are also made economically vulnerable, where we make less than men do and yet spend more on female-specific consumer items.  While there are endless things one could spend one’s money on if one wanted to, there is simply no correlate to this kind of expensive, female-specific clothing and shoe-hoarding behaviors in men’s lives.

Normalize porn/prostitution.  Clothing and footwear that were once only or mostly associated with the rape industry, including prostitution, porn and stripping, are now mainstream.

PIV-centric narrative  — Goal is to “land a man”.  Wearing restrictive and painful clothing and shoes is also extreme male-pleasing behavior, where the endgame is to land a man.


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