Summer’s Eve

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Common themes represented here:

Fetishize female vulnerability.  Women are made economically vulnerable, where we make less than men do and yet spend more on female-specific consumer items.  While there are endless things one could spend one’s money on if one wanted to, there is simply no correlate to these expensive female-specific “beauty rituals” in men’s lives.  This money-sucking money-hole is for women only, and this is intentional: not only do male corporate shareholders and executives increase their economic power through female-specific consumer spending, this kind of economic waste by the people who can least afford it — namely women — makes women more vulnerable and more dependent on men, including male partners and employers.

Handmaidens of the patriarchy.  Come on ladies!  Let’s primp and perfume those vulvae.  From one woman to another.  Right?  Right?

Harm reduction/refusal to name the agent.  Primping and perfuming vulvae reduces the harm we incur as female-bodied persons under patriarchy, where a single whiff of something “down there” could cost you your job or your relationship — or where you are very afraid that it could.  Girls and women are groomed to be not-confident from birth, and to be particularly insecure about our female bodies, which are defective on their best day.  This is all very harmful to us, considering that “confidence” is rewarded as a character trait under patriarchy, and men in particular reap the rewards of this value system: they are groomed to display confidence and they do display it, even when it is baseless and the men are incompetent.

Reversal.  Vulvae are ugly, to the eyes, to the nose, and in every possible way, and can ONLY be “beautified” via patriarchal compliance and pro-patriarchal consumer spending.  In reality, only anti-patriarchal or pro-female values and perspective will ever make the vulva “beautiful” or even aesthetically-neutral.

Also, this “hail to the V” tagline is clearly a reversal, where women’s genitals and our reproductive vulnerability are the source of women’s oppression by men, rather than the source of our social, political or interpersonal power.

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4 responses to “Summer’s Eve”

  1. Julie says :

    “Hail to the V (by putting things on it that it doesn’t need and could be harmed by)” is SO FUCKING BLATANT. You think about it for five seconds and it falls apart. Does this convince the average woman? Is the point to actually trick women into thinking that using this is “empowering,” a celebration of your vulva/vagina, etc? Or is the point to confuse the shit out of us (if we consciously think about it, we know it’s stupid, but repetition hammers the message into our unconscious minds), creating frustration and dissonance and driving us nuts? In other words, is it aiming more at brainwashing, or more at gaslighting? Or is it both–covering all bases in order to fuck up the largest number of women?

    Also, is there anything to the “pH-balanced” thing, or did they just spin “neither acidic nor basic enough to burn you” (ie. every skin product ever) into some pseudo-scientific jargon?

  2. FCM says :

    i think you are onto something julia. gaslighting/crazymaking is predictable/foreseeable in this instance, and therefore intent can be assumed. not sure about the ph balanced but your explanation seems imminently reasonable as well — we may as well be slathering literally any skin product on our Vs bc they are all ph balanced bc they have to be? reminds me of the commercials for pain relievers: NO PAIN RELIEVER IS STRONGER. translation: they are all exactly the same. LOL

  3. FCM says :

    and as you say, it could easily be both things, with the intent being that it “works” on multiple levels, so that whatever message a woman receives, it is damaging. to fuck up the most women. yes.

  4. Crucial D says :

    On Conan O’ Brien just now, that Morgan Spurlock dood was talking about his new documentary on “metrosexuals”. He brought a product that everyone thought was just hilarious: Fresh Balls. Oh, it’s so funny to think that guys should think about the smell of their disgusting shriveled sacks.