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Common themes represented here:

Joke’s on women.  Bumbling husband meme.  Some woman settled for this man, even though he is an idiot and a poor caretaker of his own children.  Men’s rights activists like to pretend that the bumbling husband or “bad dad” memes reflect poorly on men and protest that they depict “stereotypes” but MRAs and all men actually love stereotypes because most stereotypes of men benefit men, like the stereotype that men are competent professionals or good providers even when they aren’t.  In reality, these negative depictions of men do not cause any actual harm to men, or represent a real-life source of powerlessness in men’s lives; they are a backhanded yet potent jab at women, who settle for moronic men because they have to.

Normalize abuse/neglect.  If this man would’ve listened to his child, he could’ve avoided this “bleachable moment.”  Not saying these things can always be avoided, but primary caretakers often know the difference between “I’m bothering you for no reason” and “I need something NOW!”  And assuming there really wasn’t a bathroom nearby, my mother would’ve been holding a Wendy’s cup up to this kid’s bare ass before the second squirm.  But then again, mothers have better — and more — things to do in a day than cleaning up unnecessary and avoidable messes and men don’t.  And dood would probably expect high praises for tidying up following a poop-related catastrophe, even though it was his own fault for being stupid.


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