Scum-o-rama (Tasty privilege)

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Women’s culture/positive images.  There seems to be a pattern here: where an image isn’t objectifying women on its face, and where the message conveyed is supportive of women’s interests rather than obviously deleterious to women’s interests, female-positive images are often crafted as a political response to male-supremacist political positions and to patriarchy itself.  None of the images we have used here so far as an example of “Women’s culture/positive images” is a positive image in its own right: these images are necessary now, but would not be necessary and would not exist outside a patriarchal context where women are fighting for our very lives, and use various media to illustrate and advance our points.

Also, many of these images are “true” in a logical sense, and some (which will be presented here in the next weeks, months and hopefully years) are literally proofs, where various truths are illustrated using Venn diagrams and are incontrovertible.  Thus, we as women and feminists often experience the “truth” as a positive thing for women, even where these truths are not representative of a positive woman-centric culture but rather, the images simply aren’t lies crafted to debilitate and harm us.  We are relatively happy simply not being lied to, or lied about.  That’s saying something.


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5 responses to “Scum-o-rama (Tasty privilege)”

  1. tiamathydra says :

    This morning I quickly thought about this too, and as Andrea Dworkin wrote, radical feminists are often bringers of bad news because we’re bringers of truth, so many women don’t want to listen to us or consider what we say because it’s just so ugly and terrifying and depressing, it doesn’t pay off and they probably think we’re some kind of misogynists ourselves, but we’re not, we’re merely reporters trying to tell the truth about the world we live in and its dynamics of power. If we don’t face it we won’t be able to destroy it. Dworkin said that when a radical feminist tells another woman ”because you’re a woman you will have to do this and you’ll be treated this way” they think we are the misogynists, because they rather believe the lies told by the patriarchy about their supposed freedom and power. Deep down they know they’re lies, but at least they don’t depress you as radical feminism does (except for me who think it’s better to resist than to capitulate in the long-term, but I’m not going to judge other women for doing the opposite, it’s hard enough to live under the patriarchy).

  2. FCM says :

    as sheila jeffreys said. laughing at men and patriarchy is a very naughty thing to do. and its effing hilarious! its one of my favorite things in life. doesnt take away from the horribleness of course, but its just one of those things. it just feels right.

  3. tiamathydra says :

    Hell yes! and most radfems actually have a great sense of humor, which is precisely what men accuse us of lacking. Well, because their ”jokes” don’t make us laugh on their terms, it doesn’t mean we don’t have a sense of humor, we actually do, much better than theirs since theirs is basically retarded, intellectual charge 0, and boring, to death.

  4. Mary Sunshine says :


    your first comment decoded a lot of stuff for me. thank you.

  5. tiamathydra says :

    You’re welcome Mary Sunshine. These things happen because we live all the time under such a different ‘vibe’ than radical feminism, and the brainwashing is so pervasive it takes a lot to attune yourself to radfem thought. It did happen to me, about a year ago I’d be reading Dworkin’s writings and thinking ‘wow, this woman has such a NEGATIVE idea of the world, I wonder what she’s been through, she seems to have a lot of ISSUES and her thoughts are so misogynistic and depressing’, what I didn’t get was that she wasn’t expressing her thoughts, she was simply portraying the reality of this world order, and it took me some time and effort to figure out. Fortunately when you attune yourself to the radfem vibe, the progress of de-programming goes quite quick and there’s no going back.