Dr. Pepper 10

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Common themes represented here:

Male entitlement.  Men get to decide what’s for men and what’s for women, because under patriarchy, men make the rules to benefit themselves.  Men take whatever they want and leave the paltry leftovers, including undesirable or inadequate resources and token positions of power, for women to fight over amongst ourselves.  Here, this is presented as funny, but of course the joke isn’t on men, the Joke’s on women, who suffer greatly under men’s rules and under patriarchy-derived inequalities that benefit men at women’s expense.  Women’s suffering, and the fundamental inequalities women suffer every day are the source of perverse pleasure for men.

The “shoot ’em up” genre is also representative of male entitlement, whereby men do literally whatever they want and place themselves and others in harm’s way, knowing that usually women will be taking care of them when they inevitably fall ill or are injured.  Women’s unpaid caretaking labor is never taken into consideration in men’s cost-benefit analyses, even though they depend on and expect women to perform it, and to do so flawlessly, or face severe legal and social sanctions.  In this way, men have given themselves the power to open the door to institutional patriarchal and often state control of women by forcing women into caretaking roles where the standards of care are dictated and legislated by men.  Men having the power to open the door to institutional and state control of women is critical to and supportive of male power.  See also Support patriarchal institutions (medicine/religion/law).


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