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Common themes represented here:

Male entitlement.  All men, including nonwhite and other minority men, are entitled to the sexual, domestic and reproductive servitude of women.  When men lie to women, they are demonstrating this entitlement: they say whatever is necessary for the procurement or continuation of women’s unpaid services, because that is the goal, not being a good partner to a woman or having an egalitarian relationship that is based on informed consent and mutual fulfillment.  Here, this is presented as funny, and to men this is very funny: the Joke’s on women, where women suffer greatly and tangibly at the hands of entitled men and in fundamentally unequal relationships where they are constantly lied to, and deprived of critical information, including information necessary to give informed and meaningful consent to intercourse.  Of course, intercourse-by-deception is also known as rape.  See also PIV-centric narrative — Rape and rape culture; Woman as “useful object”.


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