International Delight

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Common themes represented here:

Joke’s on women.  Bumbling/oafish husband meme; women settling for inadequate sexual or romantic partners.  Any time we see a married or partnered man behaving disgracefully, even as it reflects poorly on him, these images are not meant to undermine male power and do not reflect a real-life inequity or a source of real-life powerlessness for men.  In reality, the joke’s on women: these images are a potent yet backhanded jab at women, who put up with inadequate men because they have to.  While these men are obviously not living up to the deal they struck when they became partnered or married, these men also obviously still demand and receive domestic and sexual services from their wives, and this fundamental inequality and the suffering women experience in unequal partnerships is the source of endless perverse pleasure for men.


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