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Common themes represented here:

Harm reduction/refusal to name the agent.  The literalness of this ad campaign is fascinating — we are literally encouraged to name all automobile-related harms that might befall any of us “Mayhem” rather than examining the actual facts of each case and naming individual actors.  The culpability of the actor as well as the type and degree of harm are exactly the same (i.e. the differences are irrelevant) whether it’s an adult male who has neglected his property over many years, his long-term neglect eventually causing serious, foreseeable bodily injury to someone else, or a teenaged girl who has suddenly become upset at bad news, causing property damage to a parked car in a parking lot.

And harm caused through mere negligence is regarded in the same light — it’s all just mayhem — as harm that is deliberately perpetrated by a criminal actor, including sexual predation at the “creepy motel.”

None of these is any worse or any different than any other, and the same actor — generic, unavoidable, shit-happens Mayhem — caused them all.  The victims are all indistinguishable from one another too — no individual or group of people is more or less likely to be injured by any of the incarnations of Mayhem — including, presumably, by the sexual predator.  This is all completely random, and therefore, trying to find patterns would be folly.


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