Magnum Ice Cream

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Common themes represented here:

Festishize female vulnerability.  Stuck in a stressful situation over which she has no control; thanks to her mile-high platform heels she can’t even get out and walk.  So she takes them off and walks barefoot over hot cars and summer sun-baked pavement.  Sexy!

Normalize porn/prostitution.  A complete stranger gives her a “sexual” experience without a single word being spoken; pornified eating of ice cream bar clearly evocative of fellatio.

PIV-centric narrative — Normalize exaggerated/simulated female pleasure.  Actress being paid to pretend to be aroused and then satisfied; exaggerated female pleasure generally (in this case from food).

Pornify girl children/infantilize adult women.  I’m an adult but I love ice cream!  Yay ice cream, give me more ice cream.


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One response to “Magnum Ice Cream”

  1. smash says :

    You pretty much said it all.