Scum-o-rama (A Graphic Response)

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Women’s culture/positive images.  Is this image a positive image?  It was created by an actual woman blogger which is a plus, and there is no female-objectifying imagery here at all.  When you see an image that is not objectifying at all it is striking, because it just doesn’t happen that often.  The graphic was created in response to the “bathroom dilemma” whereby male-to-female trans demand access to women’s facilities, and then when women object the trans commonly respond that they have nowhere else to go.  It is assumed that women are supposed to care about that very much, and this graphic refutes that: women do not have to care about male-specific problems or center men’s needs, and some women refuse to.  This is especially critical — and forbidden — where male needs conflict with women’s needs; women are expected to place men’s needs ahead of our own always, but when it’s really a matter of “one or the other” and both cannot be achieved simultaneously because they conflict and are mutually exclusive, women must literally sacrifice themselves.

Unfortunately, like our previous “positive” image, this image is a response to a male-centric position, which engages men on men’s terms, but as before, it also opens the door to imagining a better future: where the attitudes and policies affecting women center women’s needs, and are not based on the assumption of female sacrifice.

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