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PIV-centric narrative — Normalize exaggerated/simulated female pleasure.  It’s a two-fer: normalizing exaggerated female pleasure from PIV *and* pathologizing women’s lack of sexual response from PIV.  “Sexual aids” including artificial lubricants and all products, devices and gizmos designed to increase (or create from whole cloth) female pleasure from PIV are kind of low-hanging fruit aren’t they?  Not only do we have female actors literally acting as if they like PIV, we are expected to believe that women’s lack of sexual response from PIV is an aberration instead of the norm, and one that can be fixed through consumerism.  Instead of accepting that many women just don’t like PIV, or they don’t like it that much considering how risky it is; and that a political solution is what’s in order, not a consumerist one.  In reality, the “problem” with PIV is that it’s dangerous, and the payout for women in terms of pleasure is not worth the risk.  Sexual aids might make women’s orgasms better, but they do not remedy or even address — and in fact work to further obscure — the political and reproductive consequences, and the oppressive nature and intent of the PIV-as-sex paradigm.

See also Mansplaining/women’s perspective is wrong; Handmaidens of the patriarchy.


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4 responses to “KY Intense”

  1. tiamathydra says :

    Just letting you know there here in Spain now there’s a completely ridiculous PIV-centric commercial about a contraception device that detects the hormones in your piss and signals the days in which you aren’t fertile during the month with a green light and the days where you’re fertile in red so during the green days you can have unprotected PIV with your nigel (even though women aren’t stupid, they will sure combine it with a condom at least). But this shit is expensive and the failure rate is 94% which means it’s another consumerist rubbish pretending to be ”birth control” and to protect women’s interests but doesn’t. Apparently they’re marketing it to Spaniard women because we’re the most worried about the effects of the pill and most reluctant to take hormonal contraception in Europe, but still I know a lot of girls/women who take hormones despite the hideous side effects and the long-term health risks. I’m infuriated because in a planet where something as important, a matter of life and death for women as it is contraception (risk of pregnancy vs. unhealthy contraception), is considered as banal as to be announced on TV as a consumerist product by a happy couple saying ”we were tired of hormones but now we can make love whenever the light is green!” and what about the people who don’t get well informed about the failure rate of this shit? They’ll get pregnant. Women are really treated like shit under patriarchy, and yes, men hate us. The joke is on us completely.

  2. tiamathydra says :

    sorry, it works 94% of the time so it means 6 women out of 100 in a year would get pregnant. I think it’s rubbish because of that.

  3. FCM says :

    oh theyve made it so simple! red light/green light. that means its stress free. NOT! srsly, i hadnt heard of that one, so thanks! feel free to drop a link if you have one. what an awful product. its essentially an ovulation detector, yes? but being marketed as a type of contraceptive, or thats the implication at least. green = safe! wow.

  4. tiamathydra says :

    Yes, it’s an ovulation detector but since apparently women in Spain are starting to reject hormonal contraception -but don’t want to get pregnant either- that’s what they’ve come up with, as if we’re stupid. I’ve been reading various subjects about this in Spaniard forums -not feminist ones, simply generic forums or even from fashion magazines- and the women/girls are basically saying that they wouldn’t rely on it, that it’s not effective enough, that the commercial is ridiculous and the ones who’ve said they’ll buy it, say they wouldn’t use it alone either, they’d always use a condom as well. So basically, that’s the best thing the patriarchy can come up with if women start to think that they have a right not to settle for harm reduction, a fucking ovulation detector. What will be the next, making an ejaculation detector so that they can sell us withdrawal as the new revolutionary method? LOL.
    But you know, this gives me faith because it means women are getting fed up with harm reduction and they’re starting to think PIV is not worth their life/health/wellbeing, and that’s a good thing.
    Sorry I’ve researched the commercial in youtube and it’s not there yet because it’s pretty new, and most of the information about that particular device is in Spanish, but the brand that’s marketing it is Clearblue and apparently they have the same device called ”Persona” (in Spain it’s just called Clearblue) for the British market (don’t know if they also sell it in the US, probably), here’s a link:

    They’re bullshitting us, basically. But from what I’ve read in the internet, most women aren’t buying into it -and what a casualty that the guys on the boards tend to write that HEY, this is good stuff for people who can’t tolerate hormones so that they can FUCK WITHOUT CONDOMS!!!!!1 Fucking idiots. But the women in general don’t rely on it and that’s a good thing. (A fact that also infuriates me is that in the commercial there is absolutely not a word spoken or written about the effectiveness or failture rate of the method, it just says ”contraception without hormones!” as if nothing else matters). As if women are retarded or something.