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Common themes represented here:

Necrophilia.  Men are obsessed with all things related to death and antithetical to life, including torture, horror movies, and torture-porn.

Reversal.  We are expected to believe that women are the torturers, where we torture our clothes with harsh detergents, when in reality it is men who torture, and they frequently torture women; we are also asked to believe that women torture our clothes rather than our clothes torturing us, which is the truth of the matter.

See also Fetishize female vulnerability.  Women’s clothing is restrictive, painful, expensive, time consuming and fussy, all of which make women physically and economically vulnerable, and left without resources including time, energy and money to further our own interests.

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One response to “Woolite”

  1. Cheryl says :

    Well, I made the mistake of reading (a few of) the comments on YouTube, which are full of the usual personal attacks on every woman who points out even blatant misogyny, and felt the need to post this:

    I agree with cannedkitty and nancywgonzales, and I am not overthinking it, I’m just seeing the obvious. This is aimed directly at people who see no problem with torture porn, and who, in fact, are probably pornsick.

    Shimiruu–“Holding up a guy’s blue or black shirt just wouldn’t be as eye-catching and funny.” Yep, women and girls being tortured is for giggles.

    MrBiggwerm Try to keep up hon…this has nothing to do with tampons. You’re being a bit testerical.


    *sigh* Well, every little drop in the ocean counts, right? Plus, I would love to see “testerical” catch on. 😛

    Also, thanks for the all the time and effort it takes to put together such tremendous resources–the Hub, the blog aggregators, the libraries. Such important work, and appreciated from here.