‘Ridiculously Photogenic Guy’

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“Sorry, ladies: ‘Ridiculously photogenic guy’ is taken!” — the Daily Mail

Common themes represented here:

Male entitlement.  From the Mail article:  ‘This is totally unexpected and has just happened – he was in the right place at the right time with the right smile.  ‘He has never done any modelling or anything like that. Right now he’s trying to break into the PR business in New York, so this will probably help.”

Yes, yes it probably will.

PIV-centric narrative— Goal is to “land a man”. From the Mail article:  ‘He’s done a few part-time jobs but has just got something permanent.  ‘He’s a bit overwhelmed by all the attention, he doesn’t know what to do and when he called me to tell me about it he said: “I can’t believe it!”‘  According to the Charleston City Paper, Zeddie Little met his girlfriend in 2007 whilst working at a pizza restaurant in his home town of Charleston, South Carolina.  The pair moved to New York last spring and he worked several restaurant jobs while doing internships. 

Translation:  he is completely unexceptional in every way, and yet some woman settled for him, and the rest of womankind is expected to fight over him.  Sounds about right.


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2 responses to “‘Ridiculously Photogenic Guy’”

  1. Mary Sunshine says :

    This is just a question: is there a link for the Mail article where this came from? I don’t see one.