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Common themes represented here:

Harm reduction/refusal to name the agent.  Unwanted pregnancy is the harm she is trying to avoid, and this is caused by PIV which can also be avoided.  Just don’t do it.   Of course, this easy home-remedy to what’s ailing her is going to be extremely problematic and “unrealistic” for her because of our next theme….

Male entitlement.  This commercial illustrates how even minority men benefit from male privilege and share a sense of specifically-male entitlement with all men.  All men feel — and in practice are — entitled to the sexual, domestic and reproductive servitude of women.  This man, like all men, feels entitled to engage in leisure activities with his back literally turned to his children, while his wife keeps an eye on them and entertains them.  And she doesn’t seem like she is ready for another child, but he is obviously still engaging in mandatory PIV with her — and feels entitled to do so — hence the need for her to use Mirena.

PIV-centric narrativeNormalize reproductive stress/pain.  The side-effects of Mirena are hideous, and the IUD in general appears to have made a comeback despite being perhaps particularly dangerous to women.  Anyone remember what happened last time we relied on IUD’s for pregnancy prevention?  Anyone?

Primacy of the nuclear family.  Marriage, and children within the context of marriage is normalized, even though particularly nonwhite women know better than anyone that having a man around is not necessary.  Nonwhite men do not have the earning capacity of white men due to institutionalized racism, so there is less reason to keep them around when they behave badly (and a greater chance that they will be incarcerated for bad behavior).  The nonwhite as well as the white “broken home” (aka. female-headed home) is seen as defective, even though in many ways it is better for both women and children to exist without the harmful influence of dangerous entitled men, instead relying on other women and alternate living arrangements that do not center men and men’s needs.  Institutionalized racism makes nonwhite women more vulnerable to dangerous men and to misogynistic abuse at the hands of men and men’s institutions, including government control and benefits, and the “way out” is to normalize the primacy of the nuclear family for all women; it is never suggested that the nuclear family should never be centralized for any woman even though that is the truth.


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12 responses to “Mirena”

  1. Amananta says :

    The juxtaposition of the cheerful female announcer’s voice of the hideous and painful side effects of an IUD overlaying the happy children playing and their father ignoring them while leisurely reading a newspaper is beyond belief.

  2. Lysandra says :

    Anyone remember what happened last time we relied on IUD’s for pregnancy prevention? Anyone?

    I am completely out of the loop on this one (maybe too new to rad fem analysis?). Can someone tell me what did happen?

  3. FCM says :

    here is what wiki says about the IUD known as the “dalkon shield”


    The Dalkon Shield was a contraceptive intrauterine device (IUD) developed by the Dalkon Corporation and marketed by the A.H. Robins Company. The Dalkon Shield was found to cause severe injury to a disproportionately large percentage of its users, which eventually led to numerous lawsuits in which juries awarded millions of dollars in compensatory and punitive damages.


  4. Lysandra says :

    Thanks FCM… wow, I didn’t realize how dangerous IUD’s are. 😦

  5. FCM says :

    yes and its not just the dangers of the devices/products/drugs themselves, its the fact that men routinely lie about the risks and cover up unfavorable test results to increase their own profits so that even more women are harmed long after the product shouldve been taken off the market, and no woman can give informed consent to the extreme risk she taking because this information is hidden. these things cause side effects on their best day, but in addition to that, there are men working very hard to profit no matter what, even to the point of breaking consumer and other laws with dangerous consumer products, which all contraceptives are. this is an extremely dangerous game and the stakes are very high: financial stakes for men verses health consequences for women. to rely on men to protect womens interests here is grossly misguided, and ahistorical and acontextual to boot.

  6. FCM says :

    this one also represents “normalizing abuse/neglect”


    it pretty much covers all the bases doesnt it, and illustrates the true horrors of the het partnership and marriage for women (and for children for that matter).

  7. tiamathydra says :

    I also know a couple of women who got pregnant while wearing an IUD. So all the side-effects for getting pregnant anyway, what a shit. But of course, I don’t think the side-effects of these things are worth it even if they were 100% reliable, whatever reduces women’s wellbeing and health I’m against. And in the case of a planet where there isn’t 100% healthy and safe contraception, yes, PIV harms women. If PIV was to be institutionalized by men as the central form of sex, the fairest method of all would be to get some sperm frozen and get a fucking vasectomy, it at least doesn’t have side-effects or ruin your health. Or a male pill, since I’ve read they’ve been created but haven’t been commercialized even though the side effects/risks of the female hormonal contraceptives are worse. But no, our bodies are seen as ‘guilty’ for getting pregnant, not the male ones for impregnating us, so it’s us who must suffer the punishment for our biology. So in a planet where there’s 100% safe & healthy contraception, have as much PIV as anyone likes, but in a planet where women must face pregnancy or nightmarish contraception because of PIV, why the hell it’s unavoidable? for a conspirational mind like mine, it sounds like Biblical philosophy ”women must suffer. All the time. End of story”. Same folks who created patriarchy, same ideology, same tyranny. Just in different forms.

    And it’s just stupid to believe that someone who loves you would stand the thought that you’re going through unhealthy side effects/long-term health risks/risk of pregnancy so that he can just get laid. If his perceived ”right” to ‘sex’ is worth more than your health and wellbeing, yeah, sure he loves you a lot (IRONY). It’s sad that women are so brainwashed they don’t even dare to think about this, being simply logic. I hope women get tired of shitty contraception (and being lied to by the medical institutions and men, bc they both get benefits from lying to us about our health) someday and start rejecting PIV, it would be awesome (sorry about the rant but a couple of days ago I was talking with some girlfriends of mine about contraception and I’m sick of hearing about female suffering and serious health issues caused by contraception just because guys ”don’t like condoms” or whatever -not to say condoms are the panacea though). Myself I was on the pill for a year and didn’t notice any side effects but the gyno told me I had a sore in my cervix due to the pill and I quit forever, so even if you don’t get side effects it doesn’t meant it’s not harming you. That’s what women are to the patriarchy, shit, bc if your health doesn’t matter to the system and its institutions, you don’t have any value at all. As long as the medical institutions keep making money at our expense and men keep being able to fuck us, our life and health just won’t matter. Can you get any more despised than that? I doubt it.

  8. Mary Sunshine says :

    Reblogged this on Female Biology Matters and commented:
    A violent, painful, damaging form of “birth control” sold to women as sweetness and light and freedom. WTF.

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