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Common themes represented here:

Pornify girl children/infantilize adult women.  This is just one reason of many why it would be a better idea for women to live and raise children outside the male gaze: when women infantilize themselves in front of men or the male gaze, men sexualize that and use it as evidence that women are stupid, ineffectual or childlike.  If women lived with only other women and raised their children without men, there would not be any negative or inappropriate associations with any childrearing behaviors and men would not get to see it.

Primacy of the nuclear family.  Minivan with one female adult and 2 kids; going through a car wash in the middle of the day.  This woman appears to be these children’s primary caretaker; is probably provided for financially through marriage, in return for mandatory PIV; and she is caring for the children and running domestic errands as the only adult with multiple young children.  If women lived in communities of women, they would rarely be the only adult in the presence of children, and they would ideally provide childcare for each other so that they could run errands without dragging along young children which is time consuming and exhausting.


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