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Common themes represented here:

Fetishize female vulnerability.  Literally jumping out and scaring women, or bringing them into unfamiliar situations and blindfolding them.

Joke’s on women.  Practical joke.  Women respond with legitimate fear and revulsion, but their responses are mocked.

Mansplaining/women’s perspective is wrong.  It’s just a joke, your fear response is wrong.  In this case, literally: do not believe your senses, they are lying to you.

Necrophilia.  Cut up animals and blood.

Normalize abuse/neglect.  This is clearly abusive behavior, and through the documentary-type style of these commercials we are being lead to believe that these are real women being abused in real life.  But that’s ok!

PIV-centric narrative Rape and rape culture.  Bringing them into unfamiliar surroundings with nefarious intent evokes rape.

Pornify girl children/infantilize adult women.  Women who would be completely justified in kicking these men’s asses in self-defense, but instead are reduced to vulnerable or giggling, self-deprecating girl-children.

Woman as “useful object”.  Literally using women’s noses as an odor-detector.

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