Dove for Men

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Common themes represented here:

Joke’s on women.  Man goes through life being an idiot and having things happen to him — like making babies.  Gee, how did that happen?  Har har.

Male entitlement.  This man is entitled to have a “woman say I do” meaning that he is entitled to have a woman as a sexual, domestic and reproductive slave; as well as being entitled to a family, career, social life and to feel comfortable in his own skin.  Must be nice.

PIV-centric narrativeGoal is to “land a man”.  Some woman settled for this man — even though he is a complete idiot and obviously making one ambivalent child after another through mandatory PIV.


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One response to “Dove for Men”

  1. Hecuba says :

    Strange is it not (not it is not) that men are not being sold lie ‘your body is faulty therefore you need Dove.’ No this advertisement is telling men ‘you are fine as you are and now you can also be comfortable in your skin by buying Dove!’

    Consider how advertising targets women – the woman/girl is always innately (sic) faulty and she needs the product in order to ’empower her’ or because ‘she is worth it.’ Advertisers sell men products by using positive messages concerning men whereas advertisers sell women products by portraying women negatively. Ergo – women are innately in dire need of ‘fixing’ by buying unnecessary products whereas men are fine as they are and buying a certain product will enhance their overblown egos.